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With a newly built home, you'll reap the benefits of added spare time and money to live the life you've always wanted!
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Why should you choose a newly built home over an older home?

Newly built homes are designed for living, energy efficient, provide low cost ownership and include many more features which you can discover by exploring this site.

With a newly built home, what would you do with the time not spent on repairs?

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When you build a new, energy efficient home, the savings add up quickly!

Save enough to..

Take your kids camping.

Go to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Buy season tickets to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.



In 2013, one third of Canadian home owners were expected to spend, on average, $15,000 on home renovations. They most likely underestimated the cost and time of their renovation project to their existing home.

What bothers you most about used homes?

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Discover the Top 10 “must have” home features!

Walk in closet

1. Walk-in closets

2. Energy efficient appliances

Ecology Flat Icon with shadow. Vector EPS 10.

3. Overall energy efficient home

4. High-efficiency windows

luxury kitchen with new cabinets and slate floor

5. Kitchen islands

6. Linen closets

Modern design kitchen interior.3d render

7. Open concept kitchens

Girl's Room in New Home

8. Large windows

double white american garage door

9. Two-car garage

10. Walk-in pantry


With a newly built home, you could be protected with new home warranty until

July 17th, 2034

Newly built homes are designed to fit your lifestyle.

New homes built by RRHBA members are…

Every Builder member of the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA) is a qualified professional.

Members must complete the Certified Professional Home Builder Program.

Members must be part of a recognized third party new home warranty program.

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